My name is Heather and I am an ordinary citizen who has spent over 45 years living, working and going to school in Ward 8.  As your potential city councillor, my goal is to:

Focus on the People of Ward 8 by improving citizen engagement with city hall by ensuring all documents are made accessible through a citizen center/lounge in city hall.

Enhance Livability in Ward 8 by focusing on existing infrastructure vs. urban sprawl as well as empowering local food sources and service providers and creating alternative travel solutions that are safe and efficient.

Open court sealed documents/agreements to ensure residents do not continuously get raw deals and to remediate where necessary. If citizens want this then we need to move ahead.

Review hiring practices to ensure that those who live in Edmonton, and pay taxes, represent a minimum of 70% of our city of Edmonton departments workforce/staff including administration and contractors.

Affordable Housing to ensure ownership becomes part of the discussion for community building and not just market value rents.

Encourage Volunteerism within our non-for-profit organizations that serve Edmonton and create a win for all participants.

My promise is to openly communicate with the citizens of Ward 8 and to do my best to improve the greater community of Edmonton.