Stephen Harper's bill C-51 is invasive, overreaching and dangerously vague. This new legislation risks turning the Canadian Security Intelligence Service into a “secret police force” without the proper oversight or accountability. Green Party MPs will continue to be your voice in the House of Commons, defending your civil liberties as a top priority. Stand with Elizabeth May today -- add your name and tell the government and opposition that our civil liberties are more important than partisan politics. 

We have reached a critical point in the climate crisis. December 2015 is the deadline for a new global climate treaty – one with the goal of action from every country to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming. World leaders must agree to aggressive targets at the COP21 summit in Paris less than 12 months from now. Stephen Harper has done everything in his power to sabotage climate action. From the gutting of environmental laws, to the muzzling of scientists, to the expansion of the oil sands -- the message is clear: another term of the Harper Conservatives will be devastating. We will not let that happen. But even a minority parliament led by Tom Mulcair or Justin Trudeau will not be good enough. Neither of the larger opposition parties has demonstrated an understanding of the urgency of the climate emergency. Canada needs a meaningful plan to cut carbon pollution. With a larger caucus of Green MPs in a minority Parliament we will work across party lines and push effectively for necessary climate action. 

Canadians hold their MPs to a high standard -- and they are right to do so. With the ongoing audit in the Senate, some Senators are asking the question -- “if the Senate is to undergo a comprehensive audit then why not the House of Commons?” That’s a fair question. Members of Parliament must hold themselves to the same level of transparency as that expected from the Senate. That is why Elizabeth May has put forward a motion to the House of Commons to do just that. 

Canada’s railways are an integral part of our heritage. Since before Confederation, the railways have driven our economy, brought people together, and moved us forward. But for far too long, our federal government has been neglecting Canadian rail – and the consequences could not be clearer. Decades of deregulation, a severe lack of maintenance and repairs, and chronic under-funding have all taken their toll on both passenger and freight rail transport in this country. This is a critical time to be investing in low-carbon, environmentally responsible transportation infrastructure, and the Harper Conservatives seem intent on letting safety standards slide and VIA Rail die a death of a thousand cuts. It’s not too late to make your voice heard. Add your name along with thousands of other Canadians in support of strong, dependable rail service in Canada. Together, we can get Canada back on track.