Smart Economy – A smart economy is a green economy.

A smart economy skates to where the puck is going. It turns old-industry blue-collar jobs into new-industry green-collar jobs. It focuses on value-added production and generates green products that will be in demand in tomorrow’s markets.

A smart economy is efficient. It relies on non-polluting systems and energy sources. It ends waste. It reuses and recycles. Through closed-loop systems it is massively more efficient. That efficiency will bring greater competitiveness and prosperity to the entire Canadian economy.

A smart economy is not based on hype. It is real people building real things. A smart economy lives within its means. The Green Party has a plan to achieve this.


Strong Communities – A community is defined by more than geography.

A community is people living together, taking care of each other, having time for each other.

Communities that work take work. Transportation systems that get you from here to there, quickly, efficiently, and safely. Water works that ensure clean and healthy water. All the things that make us love where we live. Things we have and hold in common: playing grounds, bike paths, green spaces, community gardens, decent housing, strong schools, and a public health care system that addresses all aspects of our well-being.

Improve the quality of life by addressing the work-home balance. A more humane life with time for what really matters. Making a living should never impede having a life.

Strong communities means creating opportunities for young Canadians. Young people build community, both where they live and where they connect through the Internet in virtual communities. Energized youth are part of a real green future.

The growing number of older Canadians are active and engaged. They have made a major contribution to this country, and they want to keep contributing. They should be able to continue to have the lifestyle they want, living with dignity and independence.


True Democracy – Real citizen power in a true democracy.

Canadian democracy is in trouble. Power is increasingly centralized. Individual MPs – your voices in Parliament – are becoming more and more irrelevant. Question Period is a daily showcase for behaviour we would not tolerate from our children. It’s time to restore true democracy and put the power where it belongs – in the hands of Canadians.

True democracy means making every vote count. More than votes, it means engaging and debating respectfully. It means working together to find a cooperative and positive way forward. As Canadians, we take pride in a global reputation for civility and cooperation. Our instincts run to generosity and compassion. Let’s embrace that.

While Canada reduces waste in its economy and industry, it should also stop wasting votes. Move to a fairer electoral system that reflects the true will of voters.

True democracy also means true global leadership. In the past, other nations in our global village looked to Canada for leadership – in peace keeping and peace making, in disarmament, and in environmental sustainability. It’s time for Canada to step up and once again play the leadership role it has forsaken in recent years.